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What is inventory management?

Inventory management is the process of planning, organizing and controlling the movement and storage of materials, goods or resources to ensure continued production and delivery of goods or services in optimal quantities.

The main benefits of the efficient inventory management are:

  • Ensuring production continuity, i.e. maintaining sufficient supplies of raw materials and the components for efficient production and distribution.
  • Cost reduction by avoiding the unnecessary surplus or shortage of goods, which helps to reduce the inventory costs and improve customer service.
  • Mitigating the risks of product shortages or obsolescence, and ensuring rapid response to the changes in demand and supply.
  • Better relationships with suppliers, since proper inventory planning helps to enhance the quality of cooperation with partners, establish long-term partnerships and improve supply efficiency.

Ineffective inventory management leads to the following:

  • Extra costs due to the additional financial investments required for the purchase and storage of goods.
  • Risks of obsolescence and loss of goods due to long periods of storage and possible expiration.
  • Difficulty in forecasting demand, which can be complicated in unpredictable markets and changing consumer preferences.
  • Limited mobility and flexibility of businesses in case of uncontrolled inventory growth, which can take up valuable warehouse space.

  • In general, proper inventory management allows balancing costs and risks, improving services and increasing the efficiency of the supply chain.

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