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Like WhatsApp
in the world of logistics

More than just a messenger
“Using regular messengers for work is one of the deadly sins of productivity”

Chat right on the platform

Why scatter yourself all over different communication channels? Communicate with partners and colleagues on one platform.

Chat history is unlimited. Files and agreements are kept safe.

Expand the list of contacts and friends in logistics

Add users to your contacts not to lose them in the future. Manage your contacts and block the unwanted ones.

Create groups and communities

Create and join group chats to discuss tasks together. Your can find collaborations in the groups as well as the entire communities of logistics professionals.

There are no restrictions on the number of group members.

Read and share news

Create channels and join communities where you can share news, publish vacancies and offers from your company. Write professional blogs and increase brand awareness in the world of logistics.


Push and email notifications will help you stay up-to-date with the discussions without missing out on anything important.
Don't want to be distracted by the notifications from certain chats? Just mute them.

Messaging privacy

Public chats

Private chats

Personal chats

Great for informal and not work-related chats

Corporate chats

Corporate communication is not only about speed and convenience, but also about the company’s security.

Managing chats and members

Customize the chats to suit your unique processes and goals. Rich funcationality and settings for the chat participants and administrators.

Roolz is like a social network, but for businesses in the world of cargo transportation

We are a platform for unlimited collaborations that allows you to determine how you work and who you work with. Our mission is to help you do this quickly, efficiently and profitably.