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Easier work & life on the road

One app for modern trucking & driving: community of drivers, online walkie-talkie, chats, nearby truck stops, 3D maps, truck navigation and a lot more.
For the heroes of road logistics that make every delivery happen

Map & chat walkie-talkie

Voice is safer than texting. Use an online walkie-talkie to avoid fines while driving. Talk easily and safely with your friends and other drivers in the connected chats or within close distance on the map.

Forget about Zello and leave the physical walkie-talkie as a last resort. Do you copy?

Community of pro drivers

Be a part of an online community of professional drivers. Connect and interact on the map and in the private chats, groups and channels — just like you did on WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, but now on the only app specifically designed for drivers.

It's a single place where you can share your trucking experience and stories with colleagues, as well as get feedback and support from the community.
A lot of free parking lots

Suitable stops nearby

Find a suitable truck stop nearby or along the route. Choose places like gas stations, parking areas or cafes based on reviews, ratings and photos from other drivers.

Use filters to find places with shower, washing machines, WC and more.

Don't waste your time, fuel and comfort looking for free parking — your colleagues will inform you about the availability of parking lots. If you carry valuable cargo Roolz Driver will help you find a safe parking lot with security, lighting and CCTV.

* In open and partial beta-testing

Traffic conditions

Always know what's happening on the road. Timely adjust your route to avoid traffic jams and accidents, roadworks, traffic and transport police.

Be aware of toll roads, traffic bans for trucks, weigh stations and check points to choose the best routes and not to get fined.

Get help from fellow drivers

Got in trouble on the road? Create a help request and describe your problem for other drivers to see and help you.

May the force of the community be with you.

Join the community of
professionals on the road

Made by the pro drivers for all the pro drivers

Improve efficiency of your business operation

When your drivers are Roolz Drivers and your company is on Roolz Business

In closed alpha-testing

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Corporate communication

Improve and synchronize your company’s communication among drivers and office employees with one convenient and secure messenger. The better the communication, the more productive you are.

GPS tracking & updates

Reduce check calls by up to 80% and gain full visibility of your transport operations. Know where the driver is, whether the shipment is on time (ETA) and everything is going according to the plan.

Manage trips & shipments

Assign drivers and vehicles to the trips and optimize the allocation of shipping orders. The driver instantly receives all information regarding the trip ranging from the route to the details of unloading. Once the order is completed, the driver attaches a proof of delivery, such as a CMR photo or a signature of the recipient.

Routes directly to the driver

Let the driver instantly receive a reliable truck route from the dispatcher or automatically generate the route in the Roolz Driver navigation. Know exactly where to go and how to reach the destination. You can also control the deviations from the route.

Save time with e-waybills

Simplify waybill management according to your standards for both the office and the drivers. Fill in the waybills online quickly and easily and then print if necessary.

Costs accounting & control

Allow the driver to attach receipts and instantly indicate the costs in order to greatly simplify calculating the cost-effectiveness of trips, shipments and vehicles. Receipts are automatically scanned without the need to waste your time on manual entry.