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Want to transport your cargo reliably at a good price?

The right carriers are here for you

Reduce transportation costs and increase capacity. Powerful truck and carrier search platform with automatic matching of your cargo with carriers' offers.

Need a reliable carrier or new juicy cargo?

Trucks and shippers are here for you

Increase your profit with the forwarder's digital advantage. Powerful cargo and truck search platform with automatic matching of offers.

Looking for cargo for your fleet quickly and profitably?

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Make your fleet earn more and reduce downtime. Powerful cargo and shipper search platform with automatic matching of your transport with cargo offers.

Supercharge your transportation operations. Rule the success of your logistics with Roolz

Looking for cargo or carriers? Create an offer

Simply place your freight or transport offer on a public exchange or send it out to your partners in private. A detailed offer is the key to a successful search and shipping without disruptions and misunderstandings.

Get automatic matches for your offers

Right after publishing an offer of your cargo or transport, Roolz will automatically suggest counteroffers based on your route, truck type and transportation requirements.

Your business profile in logistics

Create profile for your company that showcases your services, capabilities and all your public freight and transport offers. Get new clients and carriers through your Roolz business profile.

Save a lot of time
working with regular and trusted shippers and carriers

Want to save your time and work more effectively with trusted cargo owners, forwarders and carriers? Invite them to be partners on your private exchange in Roolz.

Get integrated and benefit from automation

Automatic publication of cargo and transport on the exchange. Integrating Roolz with your TMS and CRM will help your employees spend less time on the routine and enable them to work more productively, focusing on what makes the bottom line.

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Our goal is to help you and your colleagues get the job done faster and easier, and help your company be more efficient both commercially and operationally through a combination of new technologies and approaches.

Rule the success of your logistics with Roolz