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A platform for organizing cargo transportation

Find new carriers and customers,
as well as work with the existing ones quickly and efficiently
Increase your capacity in the world of logistics

Public freight exchange

Find carriers

Automatic search for transport and bidding on your cargo.
Save time and optimize your budget.

Find freight

Automatic cargo search for your transport.
Reduce empty runs and find new customers.

Like to search the old-fashioned way?

Competitive Bidding for Cargo Transportation

Choose transparently and profitably

Conveniently collect and compare offers to choose the best deal


When service and flexibility matter
Competition not only in pricing, but also in terms of transportation. Competitive basis of bidding.

You choose the winner yourself.


When cost comes first
There is only one winning criterion: the lowest price.

The winner is selected automatically.


Perfect for contract freight
Fixed cost with competing transportation conditions. You choose the winner yourself.

Want direct allocate shipping orders without competition? Specify “Book now”, and the first response will win immediately.

Automation and Innovation

When there is less routine and more efficiency
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Automatic search for cargo and transport

Publish your cargo, and the system will automatically find and offer suitable carriers and available transport. Carriers will also see whether your cargo suits them and will then be able to offer their services.

Find partners and work together


Messenger for logistics
Tired of being scattered all over different messengers? Communicate with partners and colleagues on a single platform conveniently and confidentially.
Reliable communication
Your files will be kept safe and your chat history will always be at hand.
Group chats and channels
Join communities, create public or private groups for team discussions. Share news, vacancies and much more in the channels.
Don't miss important messages and notifications regarding offers and bids. Stay up-to-date.

Roolz is like a social network, but for businesses in the world of cargo transportation

We are a platform for unlimited collaborations that allows you to determine how you work and who you work with. Our mission is to help you do this quickly, efficiently and profitably.