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Automatic cargo search for your transport.
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Automatic search for cargo and transport

Publish your cargo, and the system will automatically find and offer suitable carriers and available transport. Carriers will also see whether your cargo suits them and will then be able to offer their services.

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Competitive Bidding for Cargo Transportation

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When service and flexibility matter
Competition not only in pricing, but also in terms of transportation. Competitive basis of bidding.

You choose the winner yourself.


When cost comes first
There is only one winning criterion: the lowest price.

The winner is selected automatically.


Perfect for contract freight
Fixed cost with competing transportation conditions. You choose the winner yourself.

Want direct allocate shipping orders without competition? Specify “Book now”, and the first response will win immediately.


Messenger for logistics
Tired of being scattered all over different messengers? Communicate with partners and colleagues on a single platform conveniently and confidentially.
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Join communities, create public or private groups for team discussions. Share news, vacancies and much more in the channels.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

What is a public freight exchange? What is spot market?
Public exchange is an open platform that helps shippers and carriers to find each other quickly and conveniently in order to organize transportation.

As a rule, public exchange is used for organizing spot transportation, i.e. short-term and one-time orders without concluding a long-term contract. The average cost of transportation is determined by the market conditions.

Here are some reasons to consider using public exchange:

  • You prefer flexibility and do not want to get involved with the long-term transport contracts, preferring to search for cargo and transport on the open market in real time.

  • Your list of trusted partners is limited or you face a lack of offers from/for them.

  • Your regular partners cannot satisfy your transportation requests. In this case, you have to look for the opportunities on the side to avoid missed delivery deadlines or vehicle fleet downtime.

  • You strive to optimize your transportation costs by comparing the rates from your regular partners with the ones from the unfamiliar companies.

  • You want to find new partners, with whom you can subsequently build long-term cooperation within the framework of the private exchange.
I already use freight exchanges, why do I need another one?
Despite the fact that freight exchanges operate in the same field, they often solve different problems and do it in different ways. Each platform has its own directions, types of transportation and participants. Sometimes you have to go to different platforms for different services.

There are at least 3 reasons to pay attention to Roolz:

  • Modern, in many ways unique functionality — private and public exchange, three bidding modes, convenient messenger and professional communities, instant AI-based offer creation and much more.

  • Wide geography — CIS countries, Europe, Asia (including China).

  • A lot of opportunities for automation and optimization of processes — you can spend less time on routine and earn more by bargaining and finding the most profitable offers, eliminating transport downtime and selecting the best terms of cooperation.

  • In addition, using an alternative exchange will allow you to communicate and interact with a large range of carriers, forwarders and shippers, will give you more offers on cargo transportation, understanding of the market and will help you to present your business in the field of cargo transportation more widely.
    How are you different from other freight and transport exchanges?
    Roolz is a modern and innovative system for organizing cargo transportation on the spot open market as well as for working with regular partners and contract logistics.

    We are the first to implement practical innovations in cargo transportation, such as using artificial intelligence to create transport requests quickly and conveniently. Moreover, Roolz is a flexible system, which allows to adjust its functionality to the unique processes and tasks of many different companies.

    Even looking at our design, many users immediately understand that we are qualitatively different from other exchanges. The big difference is not just in “what” we do, but in “how” we do it. Apart from the unique functionality the true difference lies in our approaches, principles and vision.

    We are a young and progressive company, but behind our youth lies the synergy of the extensive experience in transport logistics and technology.
    Is Roolz a digital forwarder?
    No, otherwise we would take 15-20% fee for each shipping order and would also have a conceptual conflict of interests. A forwarder cannot develop an IT system for the entire cargo transportation market, they would rather do so for themselves and in their own interests.

    A digital forwarder uses technology to become more efficient: to optimize and automate processes as well as to provide modern services to their customers.

    Roolz is an independent and neutral market participant that is focused on systematising and improving the entire freight transportation market.
    How do you verify carriers and customers?
    Roolz strives to help you identify conscientious and reliable counterparties through the verification statuses, ratings and reviews. This functionality will soon appear on our platform in full.

    Roolz is also an open and free resource that can be joined by different companies from various countries. Although some participants do not have verification status, you can choose whether you only want to work with the trusted counterparties. Roolz gives you the freedom to make your choice.

    Any platform user can submit a request to receive a verification status:

    • Blue status, basic verification: the information provided about the company or the entrepreneur has been confirmed, and no obvious “red flags” have been detected. Even bad reviews regarding the company on the other sites can be a reason for refusal.

    • Gold status, advanced verification: assigned after a detailed verification of the participant, i.e. if they provide sufficient positive financial and tax information as well as acquire high reliability score regarding their business processes. This status is quite difficult to obtain, less than 5% of all verified participants have this status.

    You cannot buy verification status. When key information about the company changes, the status is reset. A company also loses verification when it receives justified complaints or when its rating drops. Roolz proactively checks and reviews the statuses of the verified members every 3-6 months.

    It is important to know that exchanges are not responsible for the participants of the site as well as for the concluded shipments. Otherwise, this would be a digital forwarder rather than an exchange, taking a huge percentage of the intermediary.
    Why are there companies without verification on Roolz?
    Verification status is mainly needed to work on a public exchange, when transportation is organized between unfamiliar companies. Most of the traffic on Roolz occurs within the private exchange among the trusted and familiar partners.

    In addition, participants can work on the platform without verification for the following reasons:

    • A participant did not submit a verification request.

    • A participant does not meet the verification criteria.

    • We cannot sufficiently verify a company or an entrepreneur due to the lack of the necessary information about the company and/or reliable sources of verification. This usually happens due to the specifics of the country of registration of a company or an entrepreneur.

    Roolz is an open and free platform that different companies from many countries can join. You choose who you want to work with and how you want to work.
    How does Roolz combat scammers and unscrupulous participants?
    Roolz proactively monitors the activities of the platform participants only on the public exchange (private exchange is absolutely private in everything). When we detect suspicious activities we perform a manual review, which can lead to blocking company’s account and its users or restricting access to the public exchange and other functionality.

    Complaints and negative ratings may result in temporary or permanent blocking or access restrictions.

    It is important to note that sophisticated scammers might still break through the protective measures, and no exchange or business can fully verify all of its users. Roolz strives to help you identify honest and reliable companies through the verification statuses, ratings and reviews.

    Roolz closely monitors the companies that have already been verified. If a company changes its key information, receives justified complaints or drops its rating, the verification status will be reset. Roolz proactively checks and reviews the statuses of verified members every 3-6 months.
    Why do we need public exchange when we work with regular partners?
    You can work with your trusted partners systematically and transparently within your private exchange on Roolz. However, quick and convenient access to the public exchange will help you in the following situations:

    • Your regular partners cannot satisfy your transportation request. You have to look for opportunities on the side to avoid missed delivery deadlines or vehicle fleet downtime. In this case, public exchange is the best place for you.

    • You strive to optimize your transportation costs by comparing the rates from your regular partners with the ones from unfamiliar companies.

    • You want to find new partners, with whom you can subsequently build long-term cooperation within the framework of the private exchange.
    How does Roolz help reduce empty mileage?
    Not all empty mileage is a result of business and market inefficiencies. Some of it occurs for legitimate operational needs of the carrier, such as traveling to the base.

    However, weak efficiency of the market in terms of matching supply and demand results in a noticeable problem of the large amount of empty mileage. In other words, carrier's fleet margins are reduced. The faster the carrier finds or receives suitable cargo options and the more choice there is, the more optimal load they can choose.

    Both public and private exchanges on Roolz are aimed at increasing the efficiency of matching transport requests with the free transport (supply and demand).
    Which countries does freight exchange operate in? What languages and transporting routes does it support?
    Roolz platform is available in most countries around the world, currently supporting 10 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, German, Polish, Turkish, Hindi and Chinese.

    Roolz is like a social network, but for businesses in the world of cargo transportation

    We are a platform for unlimited collaborations that allows you to determine how you work and who you work with. Our mission is to help you do this quickly, efficiently and profitably.